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    Apostolic Training


    Training God's People for Ministry





  • Hello!

    We're Mark and Claudette Babin.


    We want to welcome you from Northern Maine to Apostolic Training Ministries also known as ATM.


    We are pastors, teachers, and servants of God, passionate in helping you understand and apply the word of God.

  • Apostolic Training Ministries

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    Kingdom Living

    Our Kingdom Living Program will further develop the gifts and God's call on your life.


    All classes will be held on location:

    170 Houlton Road

    Fort Fairfield, Maine


    Online Courses

    Online course will start January 2021!


    More info to come.



    We offer speaking and leadership training conferences. More Info here.



    We are connected throughout the world in many capacities. More info here.

  • We are here to teach and train you in the word of God.

    Whether you are called to the Ministry or not, let us be part of your growth in God and his word. Look at our courses below.

  • What We Offer

    God is calling you with a heart to learn. Here you'll find different courses and trainings for you to choose from.

    Certificate Program

    Kingdom Living

    Our Kingdom Living Program is a 1–year program. The courses available for this program are Understanding Faith, Who is God, Prayer, and Ephesians. A certificate is issued with the completion of all these courses.


    These are available as individual courses as well.

  • Our Courses

    Do you have any questions? Learn more about our courses by clicking the image below.

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    Click below to apply to Kingdom Living or take Individual Courses.

  • See What Others Are Saying!

    Success Stories

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    When I first started out at the School of Ministry, I wasn't sure at first, but now having completed the school I am so glad I did this. The courses are rich and deep, and the Instructors are the bomb.com!

    Gemimar B.

    Fort Fairfield, Maine USA

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    Spiritual Growth

    If you are considering attending the ATM School of Ministry, my advice would be to follow the words of Nike and “Just Do It!” This school is superb and is useful for spiritual growth no matter where you find yourself in the spectrum of your walk with the Lord. When I finally bit the bullet, and attended the ATM School (after several years of convincing myself I was “too busy”) I was grouped together with new believers all the way through older saints who had walked with the Lord for well over thirty years. The best part was that we all gained so much by attending the school and we grew in ways that met us exactly where we were in our own individual walks. Another great aspect of attending the school was that I was being held accountable not only to myself, but also to my teachers and classmates. Each student in my group appeared to feel the same way as the classes were rich in discussion and valuable information each week. The instructors and the curriculum are top notch and every person who chooses to attend this fine school will come away from the experience being a more solid Christian with a greater understanding of the Word of God and a desire to fulfill the specific call of God upon his or her life. I give my highest recommendation to this wonderful school for anyone who desires to know more about God, more about himself or herself as a believer, and how to live life to the full by discovering God’s Purpose in this life.

    Jay N.

    Humble, Texas USA

  • About Us

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    We are a born and raised couple from Northern Maine with a deep desire to see you fully walking out your own destiny. We founded this Ministry to help those who want to delve deeper into, and have a better understanding of the word of God.


    Through our speaking, schools, teachings, and missions we are passionate about connecting with you to bring you to your full potential. We want to see you understand and apply the Word of God in your lives, as well as understand all God has for you as an individual.


    We believe in long-term commitments and for over 30 years we have worked in Ministry as the Pastors of Celebration Center in Fort Fairfield, Maine. We also believe being in being in connection with other passionate leaders who are affiliated with and help oversee our ministry.

  • Our Family

    We have four wonderful children. Melissa, Ryan, Pamela, and Gemimar.

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    Our oldest, Melissa, is married to Dr. Robin Gooden and they reside in Veazie, Maine.

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    Our son Ryan is married to Angela (Williams) Babin and they make Fort Fairfield their home. Ryan is on staff at Celebration Center and is also the worship leader.

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    Daughter, Pam, is married to Ben Nason and they also reside in Fort Fairfield. Pam and Ben are the Awaken Children’s Church pastors and are both a part of the worship team.

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    In 1999 we adopted Gemimar from Vigner, Haiti.

    She plays drums for the Worship team and lives in Fort Fairfield.

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    We can't forget our 9 Grandkids. From oldest to youngest is Palo, Honor, Couraj, Raja, Chase, Kaya, Lyric, Legend and Colson.

  • The Blog

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  • Vision Statement

    We are here to train men and women of God for the works of ministry, for the building up of the Body of Christ, the obedience of the greatest commandment and the fulfillment of the great commission of our Lord Jesus Christ. To assist in transforming individuals, churches, communities and cultures through the teaching and preaching of God’s Word.








    Mission Statement

    Our main purpose is to be a ministry focused on training, developing, equipping and releasing the church to its spiritual purposes.











  • Missions

    We are reaching People from around the world!


    These endeavors have involved teaching and preaching at conferences, meetings, and leadership summits.

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    Vigner, Croix des Bouquets, Port-au-Prince, Cabaret, Titanyen, Acahaie, Port de Paix, St. Marc, Verettes, Dessalines, Gonaives, Mirebalais, and La Gonave

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    Manila, Angeles



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    Lagos, Port Harcourt

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    Costa Rica

    San Jose


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    Coming Soon!